We are overwhelmed with the generosity of our alumni, phans, and phamily.

We think it’s fair to say that our first, ever Phan-a-Thon was a HUGE success!

If you missed some or all of the live broadcast, don’t worry!

We’ll be sharing recap clips from throughout the event over the next week. All of our “On-the-50” video series, including introductions and insight into every production from 1975 to now, will be shared throughout the month of July. Also, see below for some on-demand content available to rewatch NOW on our YouTube Channel.

If you’d still like to contribute, we’ll be leaving the donation form up and continuing to tally the donor totals through Sunday, July 5.

To all who tuned-in, showed up, and donated….. THANK YOU.


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Welcome to the Phan-a-Thon!

This year, we can’t be together on what would have been our annual homecoming for the Phantom Regiment community: the Show of Shows. So Phantom Regiment is bringing the show to you!

The Phantom Regiment Phan-a-thon is a 24-hour virtual fundraising event that inspires and unites phans and phamily across the world. On this day, it’s all about our great organization and the people who make Phantom Regiment so special!

Alumni, members, instructors, staff, family, and friends of Phantom Regiment are encouraged to show their PR pride and make a gift to support the future of the organization.

Our goal: 1,956 individuals make a donation of any amount to support the future of Phantom Regiment during the Phan-a-Thon!

Coming Up

We’ll be rolling all-day with productions and more, but you may not want to miss the special segments listed below!



Are you up to the challenge?

We’ve added a friendly competition into the Phan-a-Thon with Challenge Groups! Donate through your favorite group to see who can raise the most during the 2020 Phan-a-Thon. Donors to the winning group will receive a free $10 gift card to The Phan Shop!

High & Middle Brass

High-Brass Alumni, Staff, Family & Friends

Are you up to the challenge?



Conductor Alumni, Staff, Family & Friends

Are you up to the challenge?


Low Brass

Low-Brass Alumni, Staff, Family & Friends

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Percussion Alumni, Staff, Family & Friends

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Color Guard

Color Guard Alumni, Staff, Family & Friends

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Phans & Friends

Phans & Friends

Are you up to the challenge?

View the Challege Group Leader Board

Donor Wall of Fame

The following donors have supported the future of Phantom Regiment with a gift of $56 or more

Glen Brough

Tenor Drumline Alumnus (Ahh-Ooo!)

Mike Green 1977 – Tenor Line – NAATD

Ed Collins

Bob Smith

Greg Newell

Raymond Uymatiao

Joe Taylor

Martin Romano

Renee Fieldhouse & Alec Mori

David Glasgow & Genevieve Geisler

Robert Cawthorne

Brandon Stansbury

Michael Oldemeyer

Ethan Hussong – In memory of Dr. Dan Richardson

Byron Dill

Dan Gould

Patrick Pearson

Christopher & Allison Atkinson

James Hosmer, 1985-1989 Buick

Sharon (Fry) Cowman & Family

Courtney Lawrence

Curt Matlin – 1983 (& 1812) DM – SUTA!

Barb Pelan

Neely Brooks

Joshua Peeples – Asst. Conductor 1999 & Snare Line 2002 – SUTA

Erin Mulcahey


Mary Brooks Saltzman

Scott “Moose” Woodford – Original Buick and a proud member of PRC “Long Blue Line”

Kelly Boshoven Couvelaire – color guard and staff 1982-1987, Treasurer – Board of Directors

Steve Auditore – In Memory of Vicki Parkes Auditore

Kyle Kadell

Thomas Moore – Phan

Michael LeBaron

Kevin Rabon

Kathy Jones Wight-PRAA Board member

Scott Lane 1979-81 – Tenor Line – NAATD

Tammy Roherty Siegl 1983 & 1984 Guard

Geri Williams Jenkins PRC 77-81, PR 83-89, Staff 90

Todd Applegate/Bus Todd

Amy Baker-Jones, 1989 Baritone

Ryan and Connie Kornman

Amy (Engelhard) Barnowski, PRAA Board Member

Dan and Robin Farrell

Tim Farrell

Tony & Mamie Hall

David Melkin ’93

Christina Ambruoso James

Tim Gray

Walt 1986 Sops – In memory of Red

Pat K

Jeremy Hunt

Ronal Emmert – In memory of Betty Emmert

Kristen Hall

Phillip Vermont


Luke Zamprelli

Chris and Marcia Ernstes

Kim Keres. Hall 1974 guard captain

Jeff and Julie Palkowski – Phans Phorever

Jeremy Hunts Mom

Diane Skrade-Kisting, PRAA Board Member

Ray Vasquez, Soprano 1991-93, Brass Staff 1995

Anonymous Donor

Peter Bond

Brian Smith

Tom and Debbie Yarbrough


Barb Schantzen

Roderic Saunders

Rebekah Toner Soprano ‘95 & ‘96

Derek Schumaker

Margaret McKinnon

John, Barb and Greg Benson

Ellen Farro

Jason Plawner

Candy Gadomski

Clayton Wachholz

Liz Slavin- 2010/2011 Colorguard

Lauren Vogel Weiss, Keyboard 1980-82

Low Brass

Hugh (Mike) Griffin

Peg Ripley


Richard Siegl

Kristy Smith

Robin (Hartowicz) Lanning, ’02-03 PRCG

Charles Cullen

Michael Wilson

Dan Philipps

Rebecca (Moser) Olson

Duane Minnick

Ron Schulz

Patrick Mott

Jackie Gallagher Aguilar. PRC 76-79. PR Guard and Winter guard 80-82

The Bhatia-Posey Family

Tim Hooper

Maria Aguilar-Coton, Guard 1977-1980 Staff 1981-1984, 1987

Marisa Aguilar-East, Guard 1978-1983

Lee Hansen – NAATD (86-91)

Justin Wilkey-1996 Mellophone

Dan Hobl


Morgan Lakey

Barry Lasswell

Steven Feggestad

David Warren

Galen Karriker – snare drum (1987; 1988; 1990) and conductor (1991)

Plantz Family


Tim Griffin & Susan Drow

Keith & Susan Bradbury

A 1996 mellophone

Shawn Breon PRC PRAA

Chuck Junek

Gregg Strand

Andrew Fordham

Family of Josiah Williams


Kevin Helgert – 94-96

Nancee Rosen

Barb Glasscoe

Marci Anderson

Matthew “Conan” O’Brien

Stacia Anderson (Wells) – Phantom Regiment Color Guard 1992-1998, PR Pre-Cadets and Cadets 1985-1991

Dave Crouse 86-89 BUICK, 93 Staff

Erik “Wut” Knedgen – 96 Buick Line

Cathy Hartowicz

Martin Kvasnak

Scott Cude

Mike Miceli Sop Line 2001-2003

Jon Vandegrift

Tom and Vira Rudnicki

Kim Umscheid

Ed Thiesenhusen

Dave and Tama Poncar

Monica (Simon) ONeill – Mello 98-02

Jerry Johnson

Julie Slick – French horn, visual staff

Ron & Liz Chinn

Andy Perkins 98-00

Dave Barlow – In memory of Marie and Tony Barlow

The Stenger Family

Tracy L. Dodge-Cooper

Dean Portner

Karla Tigges

The Younkin Family

Jonah Ewing’s Family

Steve Proctor

Rick Ankrom

Mark Patterson, keyboards 1975-1978, Board of Directors 1994- present, Board Treasurer for 20+ years ending 9/30/19

Doris Schoepski

Joanne Borck

The Logan Family

Bill Van Pelt

Lori Gass

2005 flag line

Larry and Sharon Case

Nikk Pilato, 1991-1993 Baritone, 1994 Drum Major

Kellie and Daniel Simerly. SAK and SUTA!

Zack Gursky, Conductor ’14

Dan Rainbow

Jennifer Carr Duenke

Greg & Teresa Newell

Noel (Drumline 85-89) and Sue (Color Guard 87-89) Perez

2020 Bass Line Phamily

1991 & 1992 Buick

Kelly Koester

Paull Family

Lonny Huff

Lanei (Noe) Brown

1993 Bass Line

Derek & Bonnie Schumaker

John Baumgartner

Dan and Denise Reese – Go Abby!

Dan and Denise Reese – Go Hannah!

Mike and Lisa Johnson

The Runninger Family

Gary Fitz (Phitz)

Julie Hughes

Jim and Susan Maxwell


“Mo Wright”

Todd Applegate/Bus Todd

Vanessa (Wojak) Diaz

Alex Downs (Aka Pooh Bear)

Cindi Baumgartner

Tony Hassan (Jeff’s Dad)

Sam Wildman – 13-15 – NAATD

Lynn Blade: PRC Guard 1975-1980, PR Guard 1980-1986, PRAA Board Member

Corinne Gilchrist

Chrissy (Fite) Drouin


Jonathan Morrell

Don Fortner ‘80, ‘81 Baritone

Bill Petersen

The O’Dell Phamily

Eric Sabach

Anonymous Donor

John Wooton

Steven Moss

The Jindrich Family

Jim and Mary Keller

Chip and Lesley Iwinski and Family

Michael Heiter

The Piatek Family

Jeff Prosperie, Snare line, 87,88. Instructor/designer 90-95

Sam Fetcho

Keaton Lantrip

Brandt Crocker

Robert Mitzel, cook, souvies and driver

Kathy Black

Eric Meszaros


Becky Nelson

Kathy and Bob Vigna

Katy Madden

Nancy St Angel

Brian Reel

Dave Cooksey

Jim Dixon

David Krohmer

Molly (Farrell) Buhck

Curtis Johnson – Original snare line from 1956 – 1961

Bob and Kathy

Joel Wittert

Bryan Stroh

John & Sue Jaeckel – parents and volunteers

Terry “Pugsley” and Donna Pearse

Work of Art Custom Batons

Dave Fisher

Nathan Hyde

Mark Stice

David & Belinda Thompson

Mike Clemente ‘11 & ‘12 Soprano

George Miles

Steve & Janis Sheffey

Dr. Michael S. Emery

Rick, Lori, Nick & Taylor Valenzuela

Rising sun

Diana Dickson

Kyle Nijoka (Conductor 2007-09)

Alex Morrical

Craig Watts

The Morrical Family

John Strage

Frank and Elaine Grelle

Chad Dempsey

Dan Fibus

Mr. Mario Longoria, Phan since 2003

Nancy Fry McCoy

Henry Pearce

Drew Solomonson

Anonymous Donor (1998)

Dan Bradbury

Bob Reisch & Tom Lynes

The Sherman’s

Anonymous Donor

Chris and Christine Jenkins

Lindsay (Snapp) Wise, ‘04-‘06 SUTA!!!

The Uptegrove family

The Raymer family

Keith Matulich

Vicki Walker

Sharon Lock

Ed & Denise Mea

“Big” Dave Pampe 1993 Contra Line

Diane Keegan

Shawn McBride, Cass Drum 1984 & 1986

Anne Marie Asuncion-Harmon 94-95 Color Guard

Steve Zeneri – In Memory of Dr. Dan

Charlene Uptegrove (Beach)

Bob Joosten

William Malone

Barb Janowski

Dick & Karen Robbel

Elizabeth Vinson

Steve Martell

Anonymous Donor

Terry and Susan Anderegg

Mary Skrade-Kisting

Jeff Dahlberg

Dewey and Sue Anderson

Kelly Gardner Galbraith

Nancy Fitzpatrick & Kathleen Hobel

David Kisting

Carrie Douglas

Behimer family

Veronica Lanier

Ryan Fitz

Ted & Sharon Barczak

1994 Contra Line

Jarod Wendholt

Gregg (keyboard/timp 79-82) & Sandy Gilboe – pit staff/designers 85/87-88

Andrew Turner and Family (95,97,98,99 Soprano) SUTA!!

Cathy Russell 1983 WGI – In memory of Marcia Russell

David McCrary – Tenor Line – Ahoo!!!

Patty Frederick-McCrary Guard 1985-87

Evan O’Dell

Colleen Fleming

Lee Julian

George Flores “1998 Soprano Line”

Kiihne Family – Go Ellie Keep Spinnin’!!

Amy Theisen cook 91-96

Keegan Bosch

Mary Bajcz

Dave Rogers 92 French Horn

A Todd Bus Loving, Slammin’ Chicken eating PHAN

Mark Hoover and Thom Berger

G.L. Chamberlain

Jim Downard

Melissa (Allen) Bajcz

Michael 1956-60

Duke Daschund

Ellen Evans and Bryan Hopps

Ellie Kiihne guard 19-20

Jeff Godtland

Warren Newell

Cathy Fiordelisi

Pat Seidling Tour Director 2001, Corps Director 2002-2006

Cheryl Quaine – In memory of Nikki Ely

John Diver, Mellophone 2002

Joel Toupin-1978-79 wish I could do it all over again!!!!

Mark Wimmer

Ben Stanfield

Bob Reed

Robert Patrick

Devin McCahey, Buick 16 18 19

Leslie Zimmerman

Chad Q

Kevin & Erica St. Angel

Delmont Dave

Ryan Tysdal

Aletha Dunston

Matt O’Brien

Chris Hartowicz

Wilcox Family

Joe Hickey – French Horn Bugle 1982-1984; Board of Directors 1998 – present

Mike Hassan

Sandy Vernola – Color Guard

Randy Hassan

Matthew Piatek

Rockford Sop 9899

Bryan and Traci Mara

Karen Gallagher – the first color guard Sargent of the “Phantomettes” 1956-1958

Mike Gallagher – first snare drum line- 1956- 1960 and board of directors member 1980’s

Dr. Richard Jeffries

Marcia Hansen

Amber Zemp

1995 Snare Line

Javeed and Melissa Shah

Karen Robinson Graves

Valerie & Trevor Hall – Mamie & Tony’s kids

Tariq Shah

Joe and Kimberly Presley

Tim and Karen Warren

Jeff Hassan

Rich Paull

David Olson

Carla Gossell

Andrew Lock – Guard ‘06

Doug and Susan Rutherford

Anonymous Donor

Anne (Jaeckel) Hauser 1991-1995, 1997 PR; 1989-1990 PRC

John R Davis

Linda Haveneth Duke color guard 85 – 87

Jared Martzell – 1993-94 Snare Line

Elliot Rosen

Carlos Rodriguez (Trumpet 2006-2008)

Dan Wick

Melissa Theodore

Pam and Ken Ikier

Jeff Davis, Soprano 1976 – 1979. In memory of Mark Glasscoe, my brother from another mother. You are missed! Time to step up 70’s members!

Madeline McKinney

Melissa Hassan

Vicki Pittman

Nick Hunter – Snare ‘00

Cindy Van Wyhe

Jeff & Jodell Quamme- CG parents

Scott Bradford 2002 Euphonium

DeeDee Severson

Michael Velasquez

Rachel Lowery

Anonymous Donor

Kerry Knodle

Rachel (Bettin) Maxwell

Dave Horos

Sharon Horos

The Orendorff Family

Sue Engelsman Thompson

Anonymous Donor

Lisa Motter

David Cornelius

Anonymous Donor

Kum Burson

Angie S. – PRCCG 1980, PRCDM 1981-82, PRWG 1983, PRCG 1983,84,86,87

Rex Rukavina 1985 Soprano

Patti Hermes

Michael Hester

Cheryl King Thomas

Bowman family

Chris Walk

Dave Wendel ‘78 bari

Lenny Bello Soprano 1986-87

Deborah Mitzman

Vladimir Buketov

Jay Culotta Percussion 1976 – 1978

Lora Conrad Mellophone and the creator of spelling everything Phantom Regiment with ph. Phriends, phamily, Phans.

Laura Fanning

Jen Staggenborg 1996 Pit

Mark Simerly

Ken & Liz Mrazik

Becky Nelson


Mark Eichenberger

Eric Clubb

Tammy Voelker

Catherine Clubb

Chris Cothran – In honor of Revia Maurer

Scott Snyder 1980-1982 Solo Soprano

1989 Contra Line

Scott and Jennifer Boyce – In memory of Harvey Boyce

Christel and Angelo

Michael J. Farrell ‘82 – ‘88

Adam Ring 87, 88, 90 Bass Line, 91 Snare Line

Taylor Family


Sam Fetcho

Andrew Carter

Donnie and Cyndi Grasso

Kenny Stultz

McAleese Family in NH

Caleb DeLong

Jim Jenkins

John Fetcho

Derek Budzinski – Mello, ‘09

Connor Rydland

John Foxworthy

T Andre Feagin

Tracy Fritzsching

Tommy and Kay Rabon

Andrews family

Brent Garner

Ryan Harring

Mello Line 1999 – 2003

Bob Smith

Greg Lambert, Buick 2017-2018

David Olson

Deborah Brown

Devin McCahey, Buick

Nolan N Dresden

Kara Hoeflinger

Jen Hepp

Marvin The Martian

Stephan Donovan

Judy Cross

Amy Ropinski

Scott Hall 1983

Ronald Roling

Sarah (Harcey) Anderson-1986 & 1987 Color Guard; 1988 Staff

Chris Yarbrough tuba 06,07,08

83 Soprano

Jim Downard

Ed Meckes

Jenny Nokutis

Jeremy Figlewicz

Steve & Joetta Dempsey ( Chad & Tyler)

Javeed Shah

Dennis Sparrow 1980-1982 Solo Sopranos

David A Cordell

Andrew Koch 2016-2019 SUTA

Joanna Kemp

Allen & Kim Redford

Rick Gale

Dean Patterson – Conductor 2011-2013

Ray and Mary Ann Koch

Kyle Walker

Annette Fazzari 71-78 staff 79-80

Ron Schulz

Joe Fazzari 78-79 staff 79-80

Jessica S. McNair

CJ and Brian Stevens – In celebration of Marty Hurley

Grant Dawson

Tina Ambrose Moseley

Stephanie Cook

Ken Zahnle… proud soprano, Music Director Tri States Public Radio

Craig Rude

Robert Garza

Phan since 74

Andrew Case

Scott Wray

Tim Fairbanks

Aaron and Dieter Orkisz

Dan Anderson

Thomas Lindsay

Missy Jenkins

Michael Horvath

Bobby Langan

Dr. Lori

Levi Brandenburg

Wendy Calkins

Cory Shin

Ann Boyce

The Carter Family

Anneliese and Sollopa Dnab

Carissa Shannon’87-‘90

Connie Chiodo

Gina Gee 1985 CG

Jeffrey Waggoner

Jerry Mohlman

Erin Christine Castello

Joseph Benavidez

The Dixon-Lockharts

Joe Cook

Mr. Jeffrey J Webb

Amanda McCormick – 1993 & 1994 Contra

Lindsay -Kooz- Kusmierczak

Addison Shableski

Jeff Kleinmaier

Will & Brandi Richards

David Simon

Koji Mori

Kevin and Karl Peterson- life long Phans from California

Dusty Drolsom

96 Cadets mello

jonesLeadership, Jeff Jones

Niina (Ajango) Konz – Phantomette ’00

April Rabanera

Barb Glasscoe

Kevin Fleming

Jeff Williams

The D. J. Mondlocks

Elizabeth Kaneshiro

Michael Hulfachor

Kim Wong

Andrew Beall

Mat & Amy (Braun) Tomsa

Chris Hartowicz, The Cavaliers!

The Giuffre Family

SUTA ! ‘82 Hornline Fluegelhorn – Spartacus !!

2000 Buicks

Bradley Bourkland

Timothy Brandt

Sharon Horos – In Memory of Todd Nick

Dottie Moretti

Tim Bean

Smiley 1989/1991 euphonium

Neely Brooks

Peggy Sue Snyder Casey

Russ Libby – Baritone 1973-1976

Sandra Reese

Martin McDaniel

Parents of former member Andy Dawson

J D Perper

Courtney Allyson Mills

Kathryn Hacking

Julia Hachmeister, guard ’85-’90

Steve and Lee Ann Schoeffel

The Huls Family

Larysa and Will Schulze

Pat Fiordelisi

Veronica Flores

Olathe Phan

David Hughes & Jon Boston

Bryan and Lynn Lee Stovall

Rebecca Speckman — pit ‘93-96

Matthew Hibbets 1983-1984 Contra; PRAA Board

The Vehe Family – Dan – Soprano 1996-2001 – Lucas – Conductor 2034

JOHN TOUPIN 1978-79 lead trumpet

Marie Czapinski


Questions & Answers

Below you will find answers to many common questions about Phan-a-Thon 2020

The Phantom Regiment Phan-a-thon is a 24-hour virtual fundraising event that inspires and unites phans and phamily across the world. On this day, it’s all about our great organization and the people who make Phantom Regiment so special!

Alumni, members, instructors, staff, family, and friends of Phantom Regiment are encouraged to show their PR pride and make a gift to support the future of the organization.

Our goal: 1,956 individuals make a donation of any amount to support the future of  Phantom Regiment during the Phan-a-Thon!

Since 1956, Phantom Regiment has enhanced the personal growth and development of young people through programs that promote excellence in education, entertainment, and competition in the performing arts.

What started as a local drum & bugle corps for youth in the Rockford, Ill. area has become an iconic brand known throughout the global marching arts community.

Our programs teach young-people the essential skills necessary to become leaders in their communities, businesses, classrooms, and beyond. Our accomplished alumni can be found throughout the world, and are connected through a shared performing arts experience.

Whether you are a member, parent, staff, volunteer, donor, or simply a “phan”: your support helps us to continue our mission of providing life-changing experiences through performing arts education.

In a typical season, the Phan-a-thon would take place in the month of May, prior to the beginning of the annual DCI competitive season. With the unprecedented outcomes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 season presents an opportunity to align this virtual event with an existing organizational “spirit day”, our home show: Show of Shows.

The 2020 Phan-a-thon takes place on Saturday, June 27.

No gift is too small to help us accomplish our goal of 1,956 donors to the 2020 Phan-a-Thon!

Challenges are a way to create a friendly competition between different segments of donors. Donors are encouraged to choose a Challenge Group when they make their donation. Donors to the challenge group that raises the most money during the Phan-a-Thon get a FREE $10 gift card to The Phan Shop!

The Challenge Groups are:

  • High-Brass Phamily
  • Low-Brass Phamily
  • Percussion Phamily
  • Color Guard Phamily
  • Conductor Phamily
  • Phans & Friends

(Phamily includes alumni, current & former staff, or anyone else who wants to support the specific challenge group. If you love every section, choose Phans & Friends!)

Giving is easy! You can donate online with any major credit card before or during the Phan-a-Thon at phanathon.com. If you’d prefer to pay by check, please mail your donation to:

Phantom Regiment
420 N. Main St.
Rockford, IL 61103

Please note that the donation is for the Phan-a-Thon on the check or envelope.

Yes, of course! Your official gift receipt for tax purposes will be emailed immediately after you make your gift. Please consult your tax advisor for advice related to your specific tax situation.

Only gifts made through social media or through phanathon.com between June 22 and June 27 count toward the Phan-a-Thon. We celebrate all our donors year-round, no matter when gifts are made. The Phan-a-Thon is a giving day specific to a particular time as we celebrate Phantom Regiment and our impact across the world.

We will not be rebroadcasting. Please reference the schedule above for our major segments so you can tune in! You can watch much of our content on our YouTube Channel or on our Facebook page. We’d love for you to check it out!