2021 Donor Wall of Fame

The following donors supported the future of Phantom Regiment with a gift of $100 or more during the 2021 Phan-a-Thon

OUR HEROES ($1000+)

Glen Brough

Thomas J. Moore

Matthew “Conan” O’Brien

Jeff Godtland

Kelly Boshoven Couvelaire, CG & Staff 1982-1987, BOD Treasurer

Jeff & Melissa Hassan

John Fetcho

John and Sue Jaeckel

Jim Dixon

The Vehe Family – In Memory of Bill Vehe

Barry Anderson

Kyle Kadell & Alma Dayota

Veronica Lanier, “Super Phan”

Michael Sullivan

Anonymous Donor

Joseph Donnelly

Ryan Tysdal, Baritone 1996-2000, Board of Directors

Country Club Drum Corp Cook


Ed Collins

Ron Schulz

John and Cindi Baumgartner

Paula Wilcox

Mary Kisting

Ellen Evans and Bryan Hopps

Edward Washburn

Tim & Leigh Price

Chuck Kenison

Bill Malone

Joel Toupin Lead – Soprano and #1 Horn line in the world. 1978-79. Elsa’s first performance. SUTA!!!!!

Greg & Teresa Newell

Renee Fieldhouse


Michael Oldemeyer

Katphish, ’94 Contra Line

Ron Schulz

Kristie and Mark Carroll (Kevin Belobrajdic)

John Diver, Mellophone-2002

Griff Godwin

Bill Jindrich

James Joyce

Anonymous Donor

Steve ASU

Mark and Tina Deany

Gretchen Wojcik

Curtis Johnson

Barbara & Jack Simon

The Chafin Family

Missy Jenkins

Robert Cawthorne

Jake Stouffer

Stan and Kelly Simmons

Jeff & Debbie Waggoner

Byron Dill

The Hanes Family

Greg Lommen

Anonymous Donor

Javeed and Melissa Shah

Jon & Candi Sheppard

Eric Meszaros

Rick & Lori Valenzuela

Kristy Smith

Cindy Hester

Brandon Stansbury

Mark & Jillian Wimmer


Cathy Russell-King

Joe Huls

Robin Lanning

Sunny Wong

Maurine Wright

Dave Barlow

Laura Beckman Gibson – 1975 Color Guard

Bill Petersen

Jean Berry

Robert & Doris Gust

Marilyn & Garry Chin

Vira and Tom Rudnicki

Anonymous Donor

99-01 Snares

Duane LeBlanc

Curt Matlin

Cheryl King Thomas

Frank and Elaine Grelle

Dewey & Sue Anderson

The Greg Vogel family

Kevin Helgert (94-96 Soprano)

Peg Ripley – marching member 68-76; support staff since 1990

Terri Rabbitt

Eric Sabach

Barb Glasscoe

Lauren Vogel Weiss

Connie Chiodo

Jeff Dahlberg & Sara Schabo, Cadets CG

Maria Rivas CG 1985-1988

Kenny and Teresa Hightower, proud grandparents of Tyler Gager

Cathy Hartowicz

Michael Petty

Randy Hassan

Michael Hassan

Anton Hassan

Mark Dombroski

Bob Reed

Gary Fitz

Kerry Knodle

Chris Hartowicz

Kelly Simon, 1996 and 1997 Colorguard

Posey/Bhatia Family

Jon Vandergrift

Susan & Jim Turk

Gregg (keyboard/timp 79-82) & Sandy Gilboe – pit staff/designers 85/87-88

Corey Parker, Buick 06-07

Bruce and Sandy Fine

Giuffre Family

Dave & Patty McCrary

Andrew Case

Kathy Jones Wight

Sharon Walbridge

Bobby Patrick

Victor Neves

Cathy Fiordelisi